Saving on electricity bills is important to Taupo local, Grant Tullock. He recently used Power Switch to find the lowest cost provider in Taupo. He has also upgraded the ceiling insulation in his home. The next priority for Mr Tullock was double glazing. After hearing about Planitherm double glazing, Mr Tullock investigated further and confirmed it as the right choice for upgrading his window insulation. While he found it has the best insulating performance available, it was the no haze feature that stood out. We previously looked at installing double glazing with low e glass but the fact that it can be hazy under certain light was a concern for us. I didn’t want to compromise my views.As a result, Mr Tullock chose to put the double glazing project on hold – until he heard about Planitherm.I chose Planitherm double glazing primarily because it has no haze.And the superior thermal performance was also important.So what is Planitherm? Planitherm is a high performance low e glass. It has a thermal performance that is 20% better than the standard low e glass presently used in New Zealand and is the only low e glass that has no haze. This feature is truly remarkable and comes as a result of the way that the glass is made. Simply put, it works to keep more warmth in your home in winter. While normal glass allows heat to pass through, Planitherm contains a layer made up of tiny particles not visible to the human eye, which stop warmth transferring through the glass. So how good is the Planitherm double glazing? We get up without a chill in the house. We don’t run the heat pump over night.Now that’s saying something considering the Taupo overnight temperatures! Why did you choose double glazing? All the usual reasons!We wanted the better thermal performance – and to reduce power bills (with power prices continuing to increase) We wanted to reduce the condensation in the bedroomsAnd the improved security. Having worked for the NZ Police, Mr Tullock appreciates the importance of having a secure home.