Double Glazing Explained

Double Glazing Explained

Why is the seal in double glazing important?

Ensuring that the double glazing remains airtight is very important. Any moisture getting inside will compromise the performance of the unit, not to mention the view.

Simply clipping, sticking or even glueing on another layer of glass (or plastic) will not provide a durable solution that performs well.

The genuine double glazing used by The Double Glazing Company has selected for its durability and thermal performance. The double glazing seal is a key part of this.  This “seal” is actually made up of two separate seals – a primary seal and a secondary seal.  Each serves a different purpose.  One is specifically designed to provide an air-tight seal that keeps the air or argon gas sealed inside and stops moisture vapour.  The other provides the structural strength to hold the double glazing together for years to come.  This “dual-seal” is what makes quality double glazing last.

Double Glazing dual seal example:

Whatever your double glazing needs are, you can be confident that we will provide the right retroGLAZE solution for your home

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