Benefits of Double Glazing

There are wide-ranging benefits of double glazing your home.  By choosing the right double glazing solution for your home, you can capture the double glazing benefits that are important for you.

Our retroGLAZE®solutions seek to maximise the benefits of double glazing and provide superior performance to alternatives. When using our proven system, we work with you to understand your individual needs to ensure the solution we provide is the right one for you and your home.

Warmer in Winter

The insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside. With up to 50% of a home’s heat lost through its windows and doors, double glazing can significantly reduce heat loss, resulting in increased comfort and savings on power bills.

By choosing superior SuperTherm™ double glazing, the reduction in heat loss through your glass can be up to 81%.


Standard double glazing


SuperTherm Warm™ double glazing

Cooler in Summer

In the same way that the insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures out, it also reduces the impact of hot temperatures. This results in a cooler home in summer, with less need for cooling systems and a more energy efficient house to run.

If your home is too hot due to radiant heat from the Sun, choose our superior SuperTherm Cool;”> double glazing. The reduction in solar heat gain through your windows can be greater than 60%.

SuperTherm Cool™ double glazing is a highly selective glass, being designed to reject a significant level of the Sun’s heat while letting in plenty of visible light.  This contrasts with tinted glass, which lets markedly less daylight in for comparibly less heat rejection.


Standard double glazing with grey tint


SuperTherm Cool™ double glazing

Control Condensation

Condensation forms when warm air is cooled. In the case of a window, the moisture in the air condenses on the glass forming what can be significant amounts of water, and may also result in mould and mildew.  Where the window has only single glazing, the cool temperature on the outside transfers easily to the inside and condensation occurs rapidly.

Reduce the impact of condensation in your home by choosing our high performing double glazing with SuperTherm Warm™ Low E glass with argon.

We are really pleased we made this decision as the mood of the house has improved.  We also do not suffer from weeping windows anymore.  Condensation is nil.

- Mark & Di Davies

Reduce Fading

Ultraviolet light is the light that causes harmful skin damage for people, and fading of furnishings and carpets by chemically changing the properties of the material’s colour.  Radiant heat from the Sun (infrared) contributes to damaging furnishings through heat damage that results in fading.  In a smaller way, visible light itself also causes damage.

Double glazing reduces the amount of UV light in your home and its effects of fading and damage.  The combination of different glass options can further reduce fading by reducing the amount of heat (and visible light) radiated through the double glazing.

By choosing our high performing SuperTherm™ double glazing, in particular SuperTherm Protect™, you can reduce the Relative Fading by up to 73%.  


Standard double glazing with grey tint


SuperTherm Protect™ double glazing

Reduce Outside Noise

Unwanted noise heard from outside your home can cause a negative impact on your health and comfort.

Double glazing provides an increase in the sound insulation of your glass.  Sound waves are attenuated as they travel through the glass in double glazing, reducing the noise entering the room from outside.

Different glass options used in double glazing will provide different results in how much they improve the noise insulation when compared with the existing single glass.

If outside noise is a problem in your home, by choosing our high performing SuperTherm Protect™, you can reduce noise considerably, resulting in a more peaceful, quieter home.


Standard double glazing


SuperTherm Protect™ double glazing

Improve Health & Wellbeing

Even if your home is well insulated, you could be losing up to half of your heat through its windows and doors.  Condensation can lead to more than bacteria and mould.  It can increase the likelihood of fungi, viruses and mites that can cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma.

By double glazing your home, you can improve the temperature stability, reducing temperature fluctuations and making it easier to keep your home warm and free of cold spots.  This, in combination with a significant reduction in condensation, will help create a healthier, more comfortable home.

Straight away we noticed the difference with our daughters health.  There would be nights that I would be up with her all night.  We haven’t really had any nights like that since we’ve had the double glazing put in. It’s been huge – asthmatic wise.

- Kim Golebiowski

Reduce Draughts

Convection currents are caused by cold air settling at your feet, giving the impression of a draughty space.  Often the perception can be that the windows have gaps and poor seals which air is flowing through, creating a draughty environment.  While this may be the case, convection draughts will be noticeable when it is cool and still outside.

If convection draughts are an issue in your home, by choosing our high performing SuperTherm™ double glazing, you can minimise draughts and cold spots.

If you have concerns about the sealing of your windows, please ask about how we replace existing window seals (or can install new high performing draught seals), including rehanging opening windows and doors to ensure that they seal effectively.

The changes since we had the double glazing installed surpassed even our wildest expectations. The drafts have gone, the temperature in the house during winter remains constant and there are no cold spots.

- Colin Newel

Other benefits of double glazing

Update Hardware

Improve Security

Increase Privacy

Increase Value

If you’re thinking about double glazing your home, talk to us about our high performing retroGLAZE® double glazing solutions including SuperTherm™ glass options and Thermal Spacer.