Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing

Aluminium Retrofit Double Glazing

How does aluminium retrofit double glazing work?

Our designed and proven retroGLAZE® solution for existing aluminium windows and doors involves removing your inefficient single glass and changing out some profiles in your aluminium joinery to allow for a high performing, genuine double glazing to be retrofitted. Once installed, the changes are almost unnoticeable, giving you a solution that looks the same, but provides a warmer and drier home year round.

Why retrofit double glaze my aluminium windows?


Healthier home environment

More comfortable year-round with cosy windows

Refurbish & upgrade

Eliminate draughts, improve function & security of your home

Less invasive

Changes are virtually unnoticeable, can modernise look and feel

Window energy efficiency

Can achieve equivalent to 4.5 star WEERS rating*


Aluminium is durable

High quality outcome with long lasting value

Significant savings

Can save over 40% of cost of full replacement, then on-going savings

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