SuperTherm™ Low E Double Glazing

Let the Right Light In

SuperTherm™ Low E Double Glazing

Let the Right Light In

If your home is uncomfortable in summer or winter (or both), then our high performance SuperTherm™ double glazing could be an excellent solution.

Choose from the options available to address your specific requirements and achieve superior comfort for your home!

SuperTherm™ is a new generation of low e double glass that is used in superior double glazing.  It is clearer than traditional window glass and has a nanoscopically thin coating on one side, which is indetectable to the human eye.  This coating is protected by being sealed inside the double glazing unit and has special properties, acting as a filter to let the right light in.

You may have heard of “Low e” glass.  Low e glass (or “low emissivity glass”) responds to different types of light, letting daylight pass through and blocking particular wavelengths of heat energy.  SuperTherm™ is a highly advanced low emissivity glass.

To understand about how SuperTherm™ works, we need to consider the “electromagnetic spectrum” from the Sun.  This range of electromagnetic waves can be more readily thought of as “light”, being the energy radiated by the Sun.  It has three distinct parts…

SuperTherm™ Low E Double Glazing – let the right light in

UV (ultraviolet) light

UV is invisible. It is good at killing germs (for example, it is good as part of the cleaning process for clothing on the washing line). However, it not healthy for our skin in excess and can cause significant fading of furnishings in our homes.

VL (visible light)

Visible light is the spectrum of light we see as daylight. It contains the full spectrum of colour and is what brings natural daylight into our homes. This daylight also contains some heat energy and contributes to fading.

IR (infrared)

Infrared is invisible (but we see and feel the effects). It contains lots of heat energy that we feel it as radiant heat. Depending on the climate we live in, this heat energy may or may not be wanted.  Infrared also contributes to fading.

Introducing Supertherm:  Superior Double Glazing designed for New Zealand homes

In New Zealand homes, we generally want lots of the healthy ‘daylighting’ that comes from visible light, and much less of the unhealthy UV light, while managing a comfortable level of solar heat gain (the heat energy from the Sun).

The heat energy generated within your home is at a different wavelength than most of the heat energy that comes from the Sun.  SuperTherm™ low e double glazing is designed to filter this inside heat energy, keeping it inside your home and contributing to insulating your home more effectively.  It is a far superior double glazing for keeping the warmth inside your home.

There are three alternative SuperTherm™ double glazing options, giving you greater flexibility to select a solution tailored to your needs.

Talk with a double glazing expert about the right SuperTherm™ double glazing option to use in each part of your home to achieve superior all-round home comfort.

Introducing SuperTherm Double Glazing - the range of superior double glazing for New Zealand homes
How does SuperTherm™ Low E Double Glazing work?

Explore your SuperTherm™ Double Glazing options

SuperTherm Warm™ Double Glazing

lets daylight and the Sun’s warmth in, and keeps it in

SuperTherm Warm™ double glazing is designed to maximise daylight and free warmth from the Sun, whilst providing outstanding thermal insulation.

The glass used in SuperTherm is a neutral, lower iron glass, designed to let in lots of daylight. Its nanoscopic coating is specially designed to let the radiant heat from the Sun pass through, yet stop the heat produced within your home from escaping (for example, from a fireplace or electric heater, from electrical appliances and from people).  SuperTherm Warm™‘s heat-loss-stopping-power is remarkable.  Compared with single glazing, it can reduce heat loss through the double glazing by up to 81%!

SuperTherm Warm™ double glazing is designed for homes, or areas in a home, where the owners are seeking to capture as much warmth from the Sun (particularly in the cooler months) and keep the warmth in.

SuperTherm Warm Low E Double Glazing
How SuperTherm Warm™  Double Glazing works

SuperTherm Cool™ Double Glazing

lets daylight in while keeping the radiant heat out, and insulates superbly

SuperTherm Cool™ double glazing has been developed for homes and areas of homes where the Sun’s radiant heat causes overheating.  For example, it is an excellent solution to use in West-facing windows that have too much solar gain in Summer.

SuperTherm Cool™’s nanoscopic coating is designed to block the Sun’s heat and reduce glare, while still letting through a large proportion of daylight.   While its heat rejection properties don’t eliminate the need for summer cooling ventilation, SuperTherm Cool™ does something remarkable.  It has heat rejection performance that is better than tinted glass commonly used all around New Zealand, yet without compromising daylighting.  Its insulation performance is also superior.  SuperTherm Cool reduces heat loss through glass by up to 83%, compared with single glazing.

SuperTherm Cool™ double glazing is designed for homes, or areas in a home, where owners are seeking to reduce the radiant heat from the Sun in summer, and excellent thermal insulation in the cooler months – to keep the warmth in.

SuperTherm Cool Low E Double Glazing
How SuperTherm Cool™  Double Glazing works

SuperTherm Protect™ Double Glazing

provides superior all-round home comfort

SuperTherm Protect™ double glazing combines the superior insulating performance of SuperTherm™ double glazing together with acoustic laminated glass and provides increased home comfort and protection in three areas:

 –  First, it provides impressive noise insulation, which compared with 3mm single glazing, equates to a perceived noise reduction of up to 63%.

 –  Second, it has far superior protection of furnishings from fading.  This comes from its virtual elimination of UV, together with stopping the majority of the Sun’s radiant heat.

 –  Third, the inside glass pane has superior strength and safety properties that provides a greater level of home security.  In the event of a natural disaster, the glass is more likely to hold in place, protecting the occupants of the home.

SuperTherm Protect™ is designed for New Zealand homes and areas of a home that require a higher standard of all-round comfort and protection.

SuperTherm Protect Low E Double Glazing
How SuperTherm Protect™ Double Glazing works

Remarkable Clarity

now you can really enjoy your view

While its all-round performance is impressive, SuperTherm™ double glazing does this without compromising the clarity of the glass. Views through the glass will look more natural, closer to what it would look like with no glass, while a whole lot more comfortable.

Outstanding Insulating Glass

world class double glazing

Glass is a major contributor to heat loss in homes around the world.  Significant research and development continues world-wide to develop products that provide a higher level of home comfort through their insulating properties.  The performance of SuperTherm™ in its ability to let light in and provide superior insulation is outstanding. We believe it is a world class solution for New Zealand homes.

Choose from the SuperTherm™ double glazing range around your home to achieve superior year-round comfort

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