Double Glazing Explained

Double Glazing Explained

How much energy can I save with double glazing?

Compared with your existing single glazing, double glazing from The Double Glazing Company’s range of options can reduce heat loss through the glass by as much as 83%. This will help to keep your home warmer and reduce energy costs.

To save energy with our windows, there are a number of things to consider. First is the type of double glazing used. The Double Glazing Company has a range of products that together provide superior thermal insulation. The second thing to consider is the effectiveness of the window seals – how well do they close? In order to achieve effective window insulation, the windows must provide a good seal when they are closed. Addressing this (part of The Double Glazing Company’s retroGLAZE solution), may require replacement of hinges/ window stays, window catches, and gasket seals.

In a home that is well insulated in all areas apart from the windows and doors, the heat loss through the windows could be up to 50% of the total heat loss from the home. By installing double glazing, the rate at which energy is lost through the glass is substantially reduced. The overall performance outcome will be dependant on the type of window frames.


Whatever your double glazing needs are, you can be confident that we will provide the right retroGLAZE solution for your home

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