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Survey: Quarter of NZ homes making occupants sick

December 2008

Peter Neilson is practising what he preaches. As the boss of the Council for Sustainable Development he is making his home warmer and dryer. “We’ve got one million New Zealand homes that are under performing,” stated Mr Neilson.

The council surveyed 3500 New Zealanders:

  • 26% said their home had made someone living there sick-totalling 410,000 unhealthy homes.
  • 59% said their house could be warmer and more comfortable and most could not afford to improve their home’s performance.
  • Over 90% wanted some expert advice on how to improve their home.

Lack of insulation seems to be the biggest problem and it is costing. “We’re probably paying half a billion dollars a year more in energy because we’re using that to heat the street rather than inside our homes,” explained Mr Neilson.

Healthier homes would also create other major savings.

source:  NewsHub