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Wellington double glazing project not just for warmth

August 2011

“Our client has a home in Khandallah with fantastic views looking out across the Wellington harbour. For them it wasn’t just about improving the insulation of their windows. They wanted to turn a group of smaller windows into one large picture window.”

For a recent customer of The Double Glazing Company in Wellington, getting double glazing wasn’t just about being able to see through the glass clearly on cold mornings. It was also about taking a broken view of the harbour and turning it into a million dollar picture.

While double glazing was the perfect solution, delivering the finished result didn’t come without its challenges!

The Double Glazing Company’s solution had to meet design requirements that included handling the extremes of Wellington winds. Along with this, the location of the window itself meant that a crane was required to get the new double glazing unit into place.

The Double Glazing Company team carefully removed the old single glass, together with the internal timber mullions. This provided a large window space for the new double glazing unit. Utilising replacement timber beads designed by The Double Glazing Company, they were then able to seal the double glazing unit in place. This was all done to meet New Zealand best practice standards for installing double glazing.

Then it all came down to the real test. Martin recalls the customer’s reaction to seeing the new window for the first time:

“The owner asked us when we would have the glass in – not realising that she was looking through her new double glazing”.

This was a particularly pleasing result for The Double Glazing Company who prides itself in providing innovative solutions that allow double glazing to be fitted into existing homes. In particular, is the goal of making the changes as unnoticeable as possible – apart from the new found warmth and huge reduction in condensation!