Double Glazing Explained

Double Glazing Explained

What is double glazing?

Genuine double glazing is also known as ‘insulating glass’. The term insulating glass refers to the superior insulating performance of double glazing compared with single glass. 

Double glazing consists of two pieces of glass with a spacer sealing the space in between them. This space is hermetically sealed so that what is sealed inside (usually air or argon gas) forms a leak-proof insulating blanket between outside and inside.

The hermetic seal is important – it ensures that nothing can get in or out. While glass is a good conductor of heat, air is a poor conductor (and argon gas is even poorer). The trapped column of air or gas is what forms the insulation barrier from outside to inside.

The glass used in double glazing can be of a variety of types, including tinted, laminated, opaque and low emissivity.

In looking to install double glazing into existing window frames, all glass options can be considered. The selection of the right combination of glass can be used to address a range of issues that are experienced in homes:

  • Thermal insulation (year-round)
  • Noise insulation
  • Condensation control
  • Fading reduction
  • Privacy & security
  • Home aesthetics

Whatever your double glazing needs are, you can be confident that we will provide the right retroGLAZE solution for your home

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