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The Double Glazing Company expands into Cambridge & Hamilton

October 2010

Cambridge locals, Nick & Tami Ward have joined forces with New Zealand’s pioneering double glazing business, The Double Glazing Company, to establish a business here in the heart of the Waikato. This is an exciting development for Cambridge, with further job opportunities projected to follow in 2011.

Nick and Tami head up the operation covering the wider Hamilton area, including Cambridge where they live. With over 25 years experience in the building industry here in New Zealand, Nick brings a wealth of experience to the Cambridge-Hamilton operation. Nick has a strong interest in home insulation and helping New Zealanders improve their health and well being through upgrading their window insulation.

“Owning a period villa home ourselves, we were particularly interested in being able to double glaze our double-hung timber windows without compromising on the character and beauty of our home”, Nick said. “The retroglaze® system that we provide does this. We get the benefits of genuine double glazing, while keeping the character and beauty.”

Company director, and local manager, Nick Ward said The Double Glazing Company brings a unique offering for existing homes. “We offer a service of upgrading home-owners’ windows and doors to double glazing without having to replace the joinery,” Nick said.

“And it doesn’t matter whether it’s timber or aluminium joinery – we have a proven solution for both. This means home-owners can have the benefits of double glazing without the new-joinery price-tag.”

Started in 2004, The Double Glazing Company has been retro-fitting double glazing into existing windows and doors for over 6 years. The business commenced in the Taupo region following customers’ requests to have double glazing retro-fitted into their homes. Since then homes all over the North Island have been double glazed using The Double Glazing Company’s retroGLAZE® system.

Up until recently, the services have been provided from operations based in Taupo and in Auckland. But customer demand has changed this. As a result of this increased demand, the business has worked to establish an operation in Cambridge.

Today, double glazing has become the standard for all new homes and renovations. Home buyers recognise the health benefits of well insulated homes and are looking for this when they come to buy. By double glazing their existing windows and doors, home owners can future-proof their investment whilst enjoying the benefits now.

Double glazing provides a warmer home in winter, cooler home in summer and controls condensation. With superior double glazing options such as Low E glass and Argon gas, the result can be a reduction in heat-loss through windows by over 70%.

Further benefits include reduction of noise from outside, reduced fading and improved security.

Hundreds of New Zealand home-owners have asked The Double Glazing Company to upgrade their glazing to a standard that is the norm around the globe. Whether your joinery is old or new, timber or aluminium, the chances are you can have an upgrade to double glazing.