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Glass Innovation Award Positive Industry Recognition

June 2014

John Mason

John Mason

Founder, The Double Glazing Company

“It’s a great honour to have this recognition within our industry.”

New Zealand’s premier glass and window awards event for 2014 was held in late June with The Double Glazing Company taking out the Glass Innovation award. The New Zealand Glass and Window Associations annually seek to recognise outstanding performance by companies in the industry throughout the country. While it is not the first time that The Double Glazing Company has been to these awards (the company was a finalist in 2012), it is their first time on the podium as the winners.

“As you can imagine, there was a fair amount of celebrating at our table when the announcer called out our name,” said John Mason from The Double Glazing Company’s NZ office. “It’s a great honour to have this recognition within our industry.”

The award recognises The Double Glazing Company for the project it completed for the Skyline Restaurant in Rotorua last year. The project involved the replacement of 200m2 of window glass with high-performance double glazing. The work was done without having to replace the existing window frames, using The Double Glazing Company’s retroGlaze® system.

The judges commented that energy performance has become a “critical component” of windows in buildings.

“This project successfully uses a high-tech glazing solution to make an existing visitor area more comfortable and reduce running costs.”

The glass used on the project has some special features, selected to meet the requirements for the Skyline Restaurant. This was that the summer heat be reduced without compromising the views of lake Rotorua and surrounds.

John Mason from The Double Glazing Company explains: “The glass is called ‘Cool-lite’. The ‘cool’ part of the glass is about helping keep the building cooler in summer by stopping a large amount of the heat from the sun entering the building. The ‘lite’ part of the glass is the special part. The glass is completely clear with no tint – so it lets in the light and provides clear views.”

The Skyline Restaurant project was the first project in the North Island to use ‘Cool-lite’. This glass comes from European company, Saint Gobain, and is processed in New Zealand.

Saint Gobain Glass New Zealand representative, John McGrory, observed the challenges of the project:

“We were impressed with the way The Double Glazing Company handled the re-glazing. This project presented a number of challenges with regards to delivering the glass to site and the equipment needed to lift the large glass units in to the window frames.”

– John McGrory, Saint Gobain Glass NZ representative


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