Genuine Double Glazing

Did you know: not all double glazing is created equal

When it comes to improving the insulation of your windows, there are many products that are available in New Zealand. We believe that understanding the differences in these products is key to making the right choice for your home.

Is it genuine double glazing?

Genuine double glazing consists of two pieces of glass connected by a hermetically sealed spacer, and filled with either air or argon gas. Genuine double glazing must meet BRANZ tested standards. As a business, we only provide genuine, durable solutions.

Is it a quality solution for your home?

Quality double glazing is clearly distinguishable by its performance and durability. We have taken care to ensure that the components that make up our solutions meet high standards in how they perform and how long they are expected to last. In the case of our double glazing, the difference in performance comes from the selection of the spacer, seals, fill and glass.

If you’re thinking about double glazing, talk to us about our genuine, high performance double glazing options for superior health and comfort in your home.

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Retrofit Double Glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing

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Replacement Windows

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Which retroGLAZE solution is right for me?

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