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THE DOUBLE GLAZING COMPANY | retro-fit double glazing service for existing aluminium or timber windows and doors | Wellington, Taupo, Rotorua, Hamilton, Auckland, New Zealand
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Reduce Outside Noise

Warmer in Winter

Cooler in Summer

Control Condensation

Reduce UV Damage

Reduce Outside Noise

Improve Security


"Now we don't hear the 
neighbours using their 
stairs during the night"  
- R.J.

Double glazing provides a significant reduction in outside noise.  This can be further improved with the selection of laminated glass as part of the double glazing unit.

The type of glass is not the only contributor to noise reduction.  By choosing double glazing with Super Spacer you can gain further improvements. That’s because the closed-cell polymer foam in Super Spacer transmits very little sound compared to conventional metal spacers.  

Improve Your Home Energy Rating...

EnergyWise home energy ratings.

Double Glazing Selection Guide...

Glass Association of NZ double glazing selection guide.

Choose Super Spacer for superior noise control...

Super Spacer Double Glazing


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