Our Customers

“The house is now easy to heat and maintain an even temperature throughout.”

Mark and Di Davies (Taupo)

“We have a 1970’s house with first generation aluminium joinery.  We have owned and lived in this house for four years.  The house was difficult to heat and maintain that heat in winter and the level of comfort was marginal.  We have previously lived in a double glazed house in the south island and were used to the even heat and comfort that provided us.

“So we decided to double glaze this house by retrofitting.  Our main driver was comfort and even heat throughout the house so all members of the house could use every room not just stick to the lounge with the fire.  Our second driver was energy efficiency and cost reduction.

“We were referred to the Double Glazing Company by two friends who had recently had their houses retrofitted with double glazing and both were really pleased with the result and the service provided by the Double Glazing Company.  So we got a quote and were happy with the investment.

“This is our first winter with double glazing.  The first thing we noticed was the noise reduction.  We live on a reasonably busy road and the traffic noise is now significantly reduced.  We were not expecting this benefit.

“The house is now easy to heat and maintain an even temperature throughout.  At night, once we have gone to bed, it retains the temperature through to the morning.  So those midnight journeys to the toilet are much more comfortable.

“We are really pleased we made this decision as the mood of the house has improved.  We also do not suffer from weeping windows anymore. Condensation is nil.

“It’s too early for us to compare energy costs with last year.  What I can say is we are a more comfortable and a healthier family with double glazing.

“The service we received from the Double Glazing Company was excellent.  Our quote and timeline were stuck to and John maintained great communication with us over the three weeks it took to complete the project.  We are pleased with the result and would recommend this to others.”

Mark and Di Davies


Editor CommentThis project took 3 weeks to complete when it was done over 10 years ago.  Today, given the improvements in our systems and processes over the last decade, it would take 2-3 days.