Our Customers

“The drafts have gone… Condensation is, of course, a thing of the past.”

Colin Newel (Helensville)

I have been intending to write to you for some time to pass on our thanks for a great job on the retro-fit double glazing but I decided to wait and see how things were now that we have some warmer weather!

As you know we were complete converts to double glazing before we moved here and couldn’t believe that our vendors had built a house with so many single glazed windows and doors. The heat loss last winter was dreadful and of course in the summer the house was like a furnace!

The changes since we had the double glazing installed surpassed even our wildest expectations. The drafts have gone, the temperature in the house during winter remains constant and there are no cold spots. Condensation is, of course, a thing of the past. As you know, we took a picture of the patio doors when one half had been double glazed and one half hadn’t – it was so good we even put it on our website – please feel free to add it to your website if you like!

Now that we are getting some warmer weather and long periods of sunshine we are also getting the chance to “try out” the tinted glass in the living room/ kitchen and again we are really pleased with the results. We came back yesterday having been away for a couple of days and whilst the house was warm it wasn’t unbearable as it had been after a sunny day last year.

Finally, we’ve had one unexpected benefit and that is noise reduction! As you know we hadn’t really considered this to be important as we are well back from the road and this is a quiet area. However in July 2007 we had a really bad storm with winds in excess of 120 kph and it was pretty scary to put it mildly. The storm this year was worse but we really weren’t aware of it as there was next to no noise from the wind and as a result it was a lot less frightening.

I do hope that all goes well with your business. I am sure that given time New Zealanders will really cotton on to the benefits of double glazing. In the mean time we are enjoying a much warmer and quieter home with no condensation and huge reductions in heating bills – thank you again for a job really well done.

Colin Newel