Our Customers

“Indoor warmth wasn’t being lost any more and our noise problem improved appreciably.”

Ken and Jenny Brown (Taupo)

My husband, Ken, and I are very pleased with the sincere and efficient service that The Double Glazing Company gave us.

After choosing Taupo to be our retirement area, and living in the house we bought for several months, we felt that perhaps double glazing would be of benefit to us for several reasons. Firstly, our house is very close to the main northern route out of Taupo, so we hoped that the noise level may be lessened with double glazing. Secondly, we hoped that condensation may be lessened and thirdly we had heard that double glazing also lessens heat loss. This would be a help especially in the winter.

John came to our house and gave us honest advice based on his knowledge and experience in the double glazing trade. This was much appreciated.

He then gave us a quote for double glazing thirteen windows as we requested, with some being laminated which we were advised would be even more beneficial for us.

After we had accepted the quote, John did our double glazing carefully and efficiently. We were, and still are, delighted with the results.

Our condensation problem disappeared instantly, indoor warmth wasn’t being lost any more, and our noise problem improved appreciably.

In fact, to date, we are even considering having several other downstairs windows double glazed as this treatment will lessen glare of the sun in summer.

Thank you John and your company members for improving the quality of our home by making it more comfortable and pleasant to live in.

Ken and Jenny Brown