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Improve the warmth and comfort of your home this winter

June 2018

With winter now here, we’ve put together some our top tips from EECA for keeping your home warmer, drier and more comfortable this winter.


Good insulation is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home more comfortable. Not only does it reduce the amount of warmth lost outside, it also means less energy is required for heating, resulting in energy savings.

As most of the heat in your home is lost through the roof, ceiling insulation should be the top priority, followed by underfloor and walls.


The average NZ family produces up to 8 litres of moisture in the home each day from activities like cooking and showering.

As damp air takes more energy to heat, a key part of keeping your home warmer in winter is ensuring it is dry and well ventilated.

Allow your home to ‘breath’ by opening windows first thing in the morning, using extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens, and drying washing outside.


With up to 50% of a homes heat lost through its windows, good quality thermally backed curtains and blinds can help keep heat inside the home. Ensure curtains are hung as close to the window as possible, extend below the window frame (preferably floor length) and are a generous width so they overlap.

Opening your curtains during the day and then closing them in the evening just before it gets dark will also help gain heat from the sun during the day, and better retain it overnight.

Ensure all windows and doors are sealed properly and latches are tight to stop cold draughts from entering your home.

Upgrading your existing windows with double glazing can also make a big difference to keeping your home warmer, and drier in winter.

The insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside, significantly reducing condensation and heat lost, and saving on power bills.

Contact one of our local double glazing experts to arrange an in-home double glazing consultation to see how we can help you improve the health, comfort and enjoyment of your home.