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"the condensation virtually vanished altogether"

Austin & Isabel Hutcheon (Taupo)

We settled in Taupo in late November last year after 30 years of working outside the UK to be closer to our daughter on our retirement. We had selected Taupo as the place to live in since each time we passed through over the previous years we loved the place – activities, views, size etc. Within weeks of arrival we had bought a house in Tui Street – we went for one that had a more established feel about it but, like all the houses we had looked at, there was no central heating or double glazing and condensation on the windows on cold nights was a nightmare. In fact the situation reminded us of Aberdeen over 30 years ago!

After contacting several possible supplies fitters of double glazing, several of whom never even responded with an estimate after visiting us, we decided to go with John Mason’s system – mainly because he did know what he was talking about and he was fitting something very dose to what we used in the UK in our various houses.

We decided to start with the master bedroom and shower room. Within days of confirming the order the work started – speedy service is not the word – and the first step was fitting the fixed window panes, the opening ones to be done days later. There was an improvement the immediately after fitting the fixed pane – there was still some condensation (mist) on the new pane whilst the single-glazed opening windows were still “pouring”. We reckon that the “misting” was because the cold was still coming in through the single (opening window) pane and cooling the inside of the double glazing unit leading to slight condensation.

However, once the opening windows were also fitted with their double glazed units the condensation virtually vanished altogether – there was, however, still some condensation on the aluminium frames, which is to be expected since aluminium is not a good insulator and it conducts heat or cold rather well.

Some other rooms have now been double glazed and the daily wipe-up job is much less than it was and we are now considering having the whole house double glazed.

Additional points:

The system makes the opening windows seem stronger and more rigid
There is a reduction in noise, though that is not a big problem where we live, and
The cost is so reasonable when one compares to the UK
Austin & Isabel Hutcheon