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Ullrich Aluminium celebrates 50 years in business

December 2011

Key supplier to The Double Glazing Company – Ullrich Aluminium celebrates 50 Years in Business in 2011. “This is a fantastic achievement for this New Zealand owned & operated business and we are proud to be associated with Ullrich Aluminium,” said Bruce Mason. “While we’re younger and smaller, we share some similarities. Like Ullrich Aluminium, we started out as a family business with some big aspirations!”

Ullrich Aluminium has grown from humble beginnings in a shed in the back-blocks of Auckland. Today it has 750 people in it’s team with 46 branches spanning across Australia and New Zealand.

Gillbert Ullrich, CEO of Ullrich Aluminium, acknowledged his staff and clients as contributing to this success.

“We must not forget our loyal clientele. Without them our business could never have flourished, particularly in New Zealand and throughout the Pacific.”

The Double Glazing Company has been working with Ullrich Aluminium for a number of years. This relationship has grown with the development of a number of aluminium profiles designed specifically for retrofitting double glazing into existing aluminium window frames.

“These aluminium profiles allow us to work with the existing aluminium window frames,” says Bruce Mason. “This means that homeowners don’t need to replace their whole joinery. Instead, we replace a small amount of the components in their windows and doors which means New Zealanders can have genuine double glazing without replacing their window frames.”

“Our customers can save thousands – both in keeping their existing window frames and in the on-going energy savings.”

The Double Glazing Company worked with Ullrich Aluminium to develop solutions for double glazing virtually all aluminium joinery. The experience that two companies have complimented each other well. Ullrich Aluminium have developed window joinery solutions that are used throughout the Pacific. The Double Glazing Company has a wealth of experience in working with the range of historical window joinery solutions used here in New Zealand. Marrying these skills together, the companies have been able to develop solutions designed with some real advantages.

“We designed the profiles to achieve two outcomes,” says Bruce Mason. “We wanted to incorporate the changes so well that they modernised the joinery and were hard to distinguish from the existing.

We also wanted the solutions to maximise the benefit that we could get with the double glazing.”

Taking this approach, The Double Glazing Company was able to work with Ullrich Aluminium to develop superior solutions for retrofitting double glazing into aluminium window and door frames.

The Double Glazing Company congratulates Ullrich Aluminium on 50 years of business and wishes the team all the best for continued success in the years ahead.