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Timber Joinery

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The process involves removing the existing glass together with a small amount of the frame - creating a suitable cavity to take the double glazing.

On the outside, a wooden bead will be sealed in place with provision made for drainage to meet GANZ best practice standards.  The finished look will retain the existing character of the house.

From the inside, the changes will be almost un-noticeable.  This is a key distinction from other lower quality options available.


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Yes... The Double Glazing Company can retro-fit double glazing into wooden joinery.


The old glass will be removed and a new double glazing unit installed in its place.  This will entail some small modifications to the timber to that will practically unnoticeable.  These will maintain the integrity and character of your home.


Timber Windows - during

the retroGLAZE® progress

 "The system makes 
  the opening windows 
seem stronger and more rigid” 
- A.H.