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Thermal Performance

Warmer in Winter

Cooler in Summer

Control Condensation

Reduce UV Damage

Reduce Outside Noise

Improve Security


Compared with standard glass, double glazing can reduce heat loss by as much as 70 per cent.  

This helps to keep your home warmer and reduce energy costs.


A double glazing unit incorporating Low E glass and argon gas will improve warmth and reduce energy costs by significant amounts, compared with a standard glass unit filled with air.

Low E glass has a special transparent thin-film metallic or oxide coating which reflects heat.  However, it still allows light to enter, much like standard glass.

Low E glass and argon gas can be incorporated into most double glazing.  In fact, most types of glass can be used in double glazing - everything from toughened or laminated glass through to tinted or opaque glass.


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heat loss reduction
"I just love watching our views. 
Our windows are no longer 
cold spots!“	 
- A.G.